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Our History

XCMG Bank was established on July 1, 2020, with its headquarters located in Pouso Alegre / MG, Brazil. It is also the first overseas bank of a Chinese heavy manufacturing company, with a subscribed capital of 100 million Reais initially, which was 100% possessed by the foreign investor XCMG Group.

With a broad portfolio of products and services, XCMG Bank is committed to providing financial solutions with the highest quality and excellence to its customers and partners, focusing on efficiency, sustainable growth of its business and supporting the XCMG Industry growth steadily and serving the Brazilian market with high quality in the construction machinery market!

Your success, our mission!

Mission, Vision and Values


To bring respect and value to our customers and shareholders.


To be the premier corporate bank in the world.


  • Focus
  • Efficiency
  • Confidence
  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Innovation
  • Open and Honest Communication

XCMG Group

Founded in March 1943 and in its three decades of existence, XCMG has come to occupy a leading position in the heavy machinery industry. Currently we are the 3rd largest in the world in this industry and the 1st in China.

The XCMG Group consists of several factories of heavy construction machinery, so we are able to produce large-scale, varied products and have the most complete and competitive line of products in the market. Our main products are, by category: cranes, earthmoving, paving, drilling, lifting, and concreting. Among them, 70% are already national leaders and 20% worldwide.

XCMG is headquartered at the Technology Center and Research Institute for Construction Machinery in Xuzhou, China. XCMG’s investment in technology, qualified personnel and product quality has made it the number one company in the construction machinery industry, according to the statistics of the Technology Center of Chinese Enterprises.

In the world, the company has established a very wide commercialization network, there are more than 110 XCMG distributors offering their products and services in several countries, including Brazil, which already has dozens of dealers and technical assistance.

XCMG adheres to the commitment to assume great responsibilities, go a long way and achieve great success, as well as the spirit of serious, practical, progressive and innovative company.

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