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XCMG Bank is a corporate bank whose core business is financing heavy and yellow-line machinery from XCMG Brasil.

XCMG BANK declares and clarifies that:

i.          WE DO NOT HAVE CHECKING ACCOUNT in our portfolio of products

ii.          WE DO NOT OFFER credit/personal loans;

iii.          WE DO NOT PROVIDE score information;

iv.          WE DO NOT CONTACT any individuals/companies to offe any products or services; 

v.          WE DO NOT HAVE A BANK COLLECTION SERVICE for companies/third-party banks, example – we do not issue collection slips;

vi.          WE DO NOT OPERATE as a payment institution.

BANCO XCMG BRASIL S.A. informs clients and interested parties that Banco XCMG Brasil S.A. charges are made exclusively by means of a bank slip issued by Banco Bradesco, with BANCO XCMG as the final beneficiary, even in the case of charges through advisory services, and it is important to note THAT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES does BANCO XCMG will request payments by bank transfer or PIX.


Scammers can alter the bank slip so that the final beneficiary appears to be BANCO XCMG on the document. When making the payment, make sure that AFTER scanning the barcode the name of BANCO XCMG appears and NOT the name of a third party or other company.


If you suspect that you are the victim of a scam or fraud, please contact us through our official channels.: 


SAC: 0800-940-5722


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