Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange and Trade Finance services at competitive rates and with a specialized team on the subject.

Spot Exchange

This product allows customers to send or receive values “from and to abroad”, in a fast and safe way, since it is the purchase or sale of foreign currency for settlement within two working days after the closing of the operation.

This way, customers can honor their international commitments related to products and services counting on our partnership.

Forward Exchange

It allows clients to protect themselves against future exchange rate oscillations, relating to their future international commitments for products and services.

In this case, the client locks in the price of the foreign currency, knowing all the costs of the operation, and allows him to operate at the desired moment in the market.

The exchange operation is contracted for future settlement, up to 360 days in case of importation exchange operations or capital nature, with or without registration with the Central Bank of Brazil.

Protect Yourself

Protect yourself against currency oscillations, preventing exchange rate variations!!


Plan your operations and act in advance

Fees and Rates

Competitive Rates and Fees!

Fees and Rates

Competitive Rates and Fees!

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